Carbon India Pvt. Ldt.

Project Finance and Development (Equity Projects) 


We source, invest in and manage early-stage renewable energy projects eligible for registration as CDM projects under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to bridge the gap between the project promoter’s contribution and available bank finance and project commissioning. We work to do the following:


Invest our own capital alongside experienced and strategic partners


Secure debt financing Supervise project construction, commissioning, and operation


Exit developing and commissioned projects to long-term investors and power producers


Ecolutions India is accepting proposals for investments from wind IPPs; biomass-based power projects, small hydro power projects and cogeneration projects from the sugar and steel industries. The preconditions for investment are:


The promoters must be experienced and resourceful. The minimum size of investment in a project by Ecolutions is € 1.0 million and must be eligible for registration under the UNFCCC as a CDM project.


To date, Ecolutions India has invested in two biomass-based power projects of 15 MW each in Maharashtra. Additionally, the company will be investing in more biomass-based power projects that will be coming up in Haryana and Punjab states. The biomass-based power generation capacity developed by Ecolutions India is expected to reach 175 MW. The company has also invested in a 45 MW independent wind power plant in Maharashtra. All of these projects are under implementation. Additionally, Ecolutions India focuses on management of early stage projects through to commissioning. We offer the following for project promoters:


Identification of the best project site locations and negotiation with land owner. Comprehensive due diligence with world-class external experts for studies to assess the viability and feasibility of potential power production. Environmental Impact Assessment Estimation of the project costs and time scale Identification and negotiation of the “Engineering Procurement and Construction”. (EPC) contract Liaison and negotiation with government / state utilities for a Power Purchase Agreement and other requisite permissions for the project Identification and negotiation of technology and equipment supply. Identification and negotiation with potential third party power purchasers. Secure project funding including identification of investment partners for equity and debt project financing. Co-investment alongside institutional partners and banks. Ongoing operation, maintenance, and management of the power projects CDM development: PDD writing, host country approval, coordination with DOEs for validation, registration and verification Distribution of carbon credits.


If you are a project developer in India looking for equity finance and project management, please contact us at eco@ecolutions. in